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AceThinker Mirror is a screen mirroring software program for both iOS and Android on Windows and Mac. As long as your Android system is 5.0 or above and supports the Chromecast protocol, you can enjoy the fun of Android screen mirroring without any limitation. For iOS users, this program just turns on the AirPlay to mirror your iPhone screen to the computer.

Suppose you need to record the screen of a mobile device (mostly to run programs that need to run on the top of the screen, such as Auto.js, XP framework, etc.) or capture some screenshots for demonstration and reserve memory. In that case, AceThinker Mirror screen mirroring software provides A screen broadcast function that allows you to capture any content on the Android and iPhone screens on your computer. It has never been easier to capture any activity in high quality from the screen of a mobile device on a PC!

It also provides a whiteboard function, which can be used to add lines, insert markers, etc. to highlight some important parts, which is especially useful when sharing presentations or live technical tutorials.

AceThinker Mirror supports controlling Android devices on your computer. You can use the mouse and keyboard to enter WhatsApp, LINE or SMS content on the computer. If you used to play android games on android devices, you could now play android mobile games on the computer without ROOT and Android emulator!

In addition to displaying the Android screen on the PC, the AceThinker Mirror screen mirroring program also allows full control of Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher with the keyboard and mouse. In other words, you can directly play videos, view pictures, send text messages, receive notifications, etc. on the computer without having to click on the Android device. If you need to do a lot of input and clicks on an Android device, this function is beneficial (for example, you can also use the button wizard to set up a script to operate on the phone). Moreover, Android games can be played on the larger screen of the computer without root permission.

In short, this is an excellent wireless screen mirroring program that mirrors Android and iOS screens, controls your Android device from your computer, and easily captures all activities on iOS and Android. It is a good choice whether it is used or to record the screen of the mobile phone (for example, using the Auto.js script can not use the screen recording APP because both of them call higher permissions in the background, which will cause conflicts).

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