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  • A remarkable product, I like it very much. I can change my voice while talking to my friend via AIM.

  • I tried it while playing an online game last night, it could work better for online games now. That’s wonderful. Great news for gamers!

  • Perfect product. It is really fantastic to change my voice into other voices, and it’s 95% different from my own voice. I do not need to do any adjustment. This automatic voice changer is ideal for me. It is worth my paying.

  • Amazing!! The voice changing feature is really amazing. I can use it to change my voice to a totally different one. The changing is done automatically, no need of any adjustment. I love it.

  • The software is perfect and its support is satisfying. It is worth my paying. Recommend.

  • This software makes Skype chatting become funny, because I can talk with my friends on different voices.

  • I like the version, it comes with so many wonderful features. And my favorite feature is its non human voice. Really interesting. The background effects are funny as well. I appreciate its customer service. They help me solve the problem efficiently.

  • It works so great in parodying voices. I like the “fade in and fade out” feature, it’s very nice.

  • All features in the voice changer are great. I talk to my friends with changed voices. It is funny. VCSG is amazingly compatible with a great variety of IMS such as Yahoo, Skype, Live Messenger and so on. I like to use it.

  • There are so many features in the program. And the basic feature is nice enough and makes me and my friends so happy. Great!

  • This is my favorite voice tool. While chatting with my friends on Skype or YM, I can change my voice. Interesting!

  • I used the product to imitate my daughter’s voice, and she was more excited than I had expected :P

  • The program is great for media lovers. They can use it to make funny conversations via Skype or other instant messengers. It can even be used in online game chatting.

  • I like to play online games, and the product brings me much laughter while playing games.

  • The Voice changer software Gold edition does a good job. There are so many features. With this voice changer, your identity could be kept in secret in chat rooms. You can make fun with your friends while using instant messengers like YIM, MSN, ICQ etc. You can also change voices while chatting in online games like Vnetrillo, Roger Wilco. The program even supports PC-to-phone conversations. Great software for fun chatting. Have a try.

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