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  • I’m using both PowerDirector 12 Ultra and Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 12 respectively on one of my projects. Comparing the two programs, I find PD is way simpler to learn and operate. What’ more, it includes more features that can be applied in my daily use, for example, menu, title, transitions, etc. It can make DVDs/video files in a quicker way than Sony.

    Up until now, PD is always running well with no crash or lockup, but sometimes the computer’s slow speed may cause a delay. I used to try Adobe Premier Elements and Pinnacle Studio, the former one is good, but the later one makes me feel very bad.

    I use PowerDirector to deal with videos of my grandkids when they play balls. Though it is running well, I won’t give a 5 star score but only 4, because it does not provide music files. If I want them, I have to buy from Smartsound additionally.

  • I started using PD 12 ultra only several days ago, I find it very useful. The main competitor of this software is Corel's Video Studio series, but it is much better. One of the amazing features of PD is that it can render the finished video in a very short time. You can upload your video onto YouTube or other video websites in just a few minutes and you don’t have to wait long.
    I’ve heard some complaints about this program and some other Cybrelink products, but I have to say, not only for Cybrelink, but also for all other video editing programs, without an advanced computer, you just can’t run video editing programs in an effective way. The main reason of computer crashing down, lockups, etc. when doing editing or rendering is hardware limitation. This is not a problem for me as I have the newest laptop with a set of strong hardware. Its performance is really good for video editing. As you know, electronic products update very quickly, if your computer has been used for more than one even two years, I suggest you not to try running any video editing program on it, the result would be woeful. Anyway, it’s not a problem of the software, but your computer.

  • Haha! This is a great value. I’m still exploring it’s new features, it is so easy to import video from any cameras. With this software, I can edit videos and put titles and audio into video. I’m really happy.

  • My boy is a big fan of video making. He used video software of Microsoft, though it’s free, it’s not so functional and has many bugs, so we bought this one for him. Its ability of quick rendering really makes my son happy. Recently, he used this program to create a video for his class with the picture in picture feature. He also managed to add subtitles to videos. I don’t know how good it really is, but I think it’s a good Christmas gift for my son, and the with the discount, the price is reasonable.

  • PowerDirectorはアマチュア向けに最も適した動画編集ソフトの一つです。簡単に使い方を覚えることができとても便利です。3D動画作成や変換機能があり、エフェクトも使えます。初学者や入門者は試してみる価値があります。

  • 良いソフトですが、PC動作環境条件が高いです。画像上ペイント機能、パーティクルエフェクト、およびクイックテンプレートは最高です。私は仕事でこのソフトを使っていますが、皆が使うことをお薦めします。

  • Ultra 12 really surprised me. It does all I need and even more. I am very interested in trying all its functions. The customer support is very nice, they got me out of trouble very quickly. And the online tutorials also helps me a lot as a new user.

  • Considering the price and functions, CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra 12 is really a strong program. For the moment, I’m not so familiar with all the functions of it, I’m still learning. I import videos from various sources easily into this program. With this program, I can do lots of editing on the source videos, also add titles and audio to make a wonderful video and even burn it to the disk. This is really interesting.

  • This is a great video editing software for home use, good and stable performance. It might take some time to learn at first, but the wizards and online tutorials will guide you and let you learn it more quickly.

  • とてもいいです。使いやすくて、アウトプットもはっきりしています。編集も簡単で実用的で、効果も完璧です。信頼できます。高評価です。

  • CyberLink PowerDirector 15はいいです。特に、ハイビジョン映像に変換するのはCorel video studioより断然速いです。

  • I first downloaded a trial version and I’m completely shocked by its performance. It is commonly no easy to master a video editor, and Cyberlink, as far as I know, is the simplest to handle. You can find many online tutorial videos, besides, the customer support team of Cyberlink is very good, and you can get the answers to any questions.
    After I got to know about the features of this software and test it on video footage, I realize it’s really necessary to buy the full version for all of its features.
    Another big advantage is its price - the price is quite acceptable for its good product and service.

  • 使うことはできますが、使いこなせません。勉強が必要です。

  • It is a good program to do basic things. But I’m not so satisfied about it on the following two parts:
    * I can’t select a default menu template with it.
    * If I want to remove a scene, I have to click the keyboard for two times, while the old version only requires one click. Though the second click provides me more selections, it’s useless for me. If the developers of this program can do some settings that can be defined by users themselves, it will be more convenient I believe.

  • Before Cyberlink Power Director Ultra, I tried Adobe Premiere Elements and Corel Video Studio. Cyberlink is really wonderful for its rich features and flexibility in usage, neither Adobe nor Corel ever comes close. I can’t wait to recommend it to my friends who need a video editor.

  • Before buying Power Director, I spend a long time trying to use Adobe Premiere to create a Bluray DVD. The whole process cost me 12 hours, and the production came with no sound, so I moved to PD immediately. It took me no more than 1 hour from the very moment I bought PD to the moment I create a perfect Bluray DVD.

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