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Exterminate It! is unique and advanced antivirus software for comprehensive detection of Trojans, rootkits, and other malicious software. It can help you effectively maintain the latest and previously unknown (undiscovered) threats to your computer! Exterminate It! can eliminate rootkit, worms, Trojans, and other malicious software with just a few clicks! Easy to use, fast and reliable.

Exterminate It! Features:
* After using Exterminate It, you can provide detailed information about the status of your computer, click on us and receive our remedy for your malware problem within 24 hours of future database update.
* Easy-to-use and intuitive GUI
* Low consumption of system resources
* 24-hour customer support
* Free customized updates
コメント (13)

  • I’m an old user of this program. It is always good. It can detect and remove malware deeply and completely, which is much better than many other software, for example, AVG, Mcaffee, Norton and Kaspersky. It can find out the malware others can’t detect. What’s more, it is handy. Before starting scanning, it always updates automatically to the newest version. It is a perfect software for me.

  • EI helped me clear a few rootkits in my system, while other anti-malware programs didn’t find them. EI is really a necessary tool for computer safety. It offers submit state functionality, with this function, I can figure out the infected but non-detected part and remove it.
    Really appreciate your endeavor!

  • I bought Exterminate It a few weeks ago. This is the first time I use it, so I just bought one license.

    Before I started using it, I was wondering whether it could really work for me. The activation was quick and the price was fair. When I first read the description of Exerminate It, I got to know it was an antivirus program. What I searched for was anti-malware, but I saw Exterminate It on the recommendation list. So I think Exterminate It is both anti-virus and antimal-ware.

    Then I used it for about 3 weeks and it found out something. It really found out some malware from my Vista computer that other programs didn’t find. However, there were also some viruses or malware that it missed while other programs found. All in all, EI is nice software, it helps protect my computer well. But you can’t rely on it only, other products may also find out the malware or viruses that EI doesn’t know. So my suggestion is to have more than one anti-malware/virus program on the computer. They can give you a complete protection when running together.

  • EI is amazing. I just need to click the button, and all the annoying viruses/trojans/malware/adware/cookies are removed. I can’t think of anything it can’t do.

  • I’m attracted by the power antivirus and malware functions, really does good job.

  • I like its well-designed UI, clean and intuitive.

  • EI works effectively. It can find out and clear some malwares that can’t be detected by other programs. It also has “submit state” function, this function helped me fix a problem in just a few hours. This is a good software, worth recommending.

  • Exterminate-it protects my win.xp pro computer very well from trojan horses and malware. It performs so well that I am totally satisfied with it.

  • After I reformatted my hard drives, I got into a mess. I can’t run anti-virus software and couldn’t connect to the internet. The virus even made my combofix fail down.

    I had spent a lot of time installing all my programs again. I didn’t want to repeat this process again.

    By the way, I was stuck by an url, it has word conduit in it. You should all be careful with such url!

    Exterminate is very special as there will be an offline code. With this code, I can activate Exterminate on another healthy computer, and then run the Exterminate on the bad computer.

    With Exterminate installed, I scanned my computer, cleaned the dirt in it, and rebooted the computer. Thus, the viruses went away!

    However, I still can’t connect to internet. Finally, I found the problem was about LAN setting. Now I have solved this problem.

    Exterminate is a very good program. It is a good solution for me.

  • I have used Exterminate It for many years. It helped me solve many viruses and malwares. It never missed any virus or malware, while some viruses/malware were missed by other scanners. EI is really worth buying. Don’t miss it!

  • I’ve tried many anti-virus software before, but nearly all software I’ve tried failed to kill SweetPacks, besides, these software were turned off by the virus, I could do nothing but wait for help. And last, my good friend recommended me Exterminate It! which is the only one that can kill SweetPacks and SweetIM.

  • At first, I choose to buy EI because I want it to help me remove a small malware that other programs can’t remove. Since then, it has protected me many times. Highly recommend it to all!

  • Exterminate It can easily find out rootkit and remove it from my computer. But it doesn’t update every day.

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