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更新しました 06.05.2021 By Dana
If you handle confidential files on your computer, Folder Lock is a powerful tool that can keep everything on your computer safe with an extra sense of security.

Folder Lock can quickly get your files and folders locked in seconds with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. Plus, all your important data can be synced and backed up with a dedicated secure cloud server. It also enables you to keep your Lockers somewhere else with a portable device like USB/External drives, or let you burn them to CDs/DVDs and create password-protected zips as email attachments to share with others securely.

For any confidential files, folders, and drives that you don’t want people to know, Folder Lock can hide them from their previous locations, and they can only be accessed through the software interface. Information like your banking details, card information, transactions, and ATM pin, Folder Lock can encrypt them and save them on the digital wallets you create. It allows you to create as many cards as you want in these wallets.
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  • With Folder Lock, I’ll no longer worry about my data safety. It is supported by a powerful algorithm and it’s free of security loopholes! It is really great with many features to keep data secure!

  • Folder Lock is wonderful software. It encrypts my files very quickly. What’s more, it is very handy. The protection it provides is very strong. I don’t need to worry about the safety of my data any more.

  • I have been using this software for over a year now,
    it's good to have security software to secure my personal data. Thank you for updating and making your product work faster than before, and thank you customer support for keep me update with your product.

  • Folder Lock is amazing software. It has many features other data protection software doesn’t have. It is very handy. The interface is clear and intuitive. It’s reliable software that helps protecting my crucial data from theft.

  • Folder Lock is easy and reliable, it works well both on my XP and Win7 systems. Some days ago, my computer suddenly crashed down. I was very worried. Though the files were still in my computer, I can’t open them. So I asked for help. Fortunately, the support team provided me with step-by-step instructions and finally figured out the problems. How great they are!

  • With Folder Lock 7, I can create my own lockers and save whatever files I want in it, no limitation of file size. What’s more, the developer provides a very reliable backup service. I not only store data on my own server, but also save them on their backup cloud server, this provides me with a double insurance. If my server crashes down, I can still get my data back from them. No matter you are running a small or medium-sized business, you can try it!

  • Folder Lock has many good features. I can keep all my important data in a safe place. It also has a backup cloud server. Through this server, I can get my data at any place I want. Its features are all very practical. For a starter, it takes some time to learn how to take use of these features, but it’s worth the time.

  • I started using Folder Lock many years ago and I always update to the latest version. No big problems ever happened. The new version has many improvements in function and security. I really like it! It keeps my data safe!

  • I’m a professional hacker. I’m always interested in cracking software, then I feel successful. However, I failed on Folder Lock. I really admire the developers of this wonderful software. It doesn’t have any bug. When you use it, you needn’t worry about its safety. It can provide very good file and data protection. Good job!

  • Folder Lock helps me protect my files and data from different kinds of threats. It encrypts my data, portable drivers and backs up files automatically. It has many other wonderful features. It’s really excellent!

  • Folder Lock helps me protect my files very well. When I’m not at home, my kids often play with my computer, they may accidentally delete my files. With Folder Lock, I can protect my files and important data in a good way and I don’t need to worry about my privacy be stolen. It is easy to operate and very reliable. Five stars!

  • When I first tried Folder Lock, I couldn’t figure out how to use it. With the help of user guidance, I find it quite easy. Now it’s running very well on my Windows 7. Its encryption speed is really fast.

    I hope in the next version, all the encrypted files can be hidden under stealth mode.

  • With the backup server of Folder Lock, I can open my encrypted data and files anywhere as long as I have internet access. I can also keep those protected information in my portable devices. This is really convenient.

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