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    Folx PRO
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    Free Download Manager
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    更新しました 29.04.2021 By John
    Folx PRO is small in size but a very powerful download manager for Mac. It seamlessly supports all popular browsers on the Mac. It supports automatic tags and Spotlight, which is very convenient for your search management. It also supports HTTP and BT protocols, breakpoint resume and BT download.

    In addition to new functions such as Password Management (pro), Quick Login to website account (pro), Setting Speed Limit for specified download tasks, sorting (filtering) seed search results, and downloading Youtube Video (pro), version 5.0 also includes "file auto integration into iTunes" (pro) and "Schedular Downloads," and "Download Magnetic Link" Features.
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    • I'm so satisfied with this tool. It helps me a lot in torrent download management, especially in the way of batch process, it performs great in fast downloading. The most convenient I think is it let users search for the torrents directly in the program. Its price is reasonable. I purchase it around just $10.

    • I've ever used several popular downloader apps, like JDwonloader, Speed Dowload and Transmission. And now I just switched from Speed Download, for it does not work any more. I prefer Folx is ony for its great huge file management feature. It does a good job in the aspect of this. I prefer a reliable file downloader by these aspects:
      1. no ads
      2. meet my main requirements, like huge files management, schedule download, not seized too much system resources.
      So I'm satisfied with Folx, and have been upgrated to the PRO version. Recommended.

    • 綺麗な画面。操作簡単。

    • I purchased Folx for the 2nd time. I really like this app. It has the beautiful, clean interface and useful features. Recommended.

    • I've ever used JDownloader for a certain time, and now I switched to the Folx Pro. I think compared to the JDownloader, Folx is more convenient and fast in downloading. Even JDownloader is free and seems like rich features, but you know, if a program use all your bandwidth, it's not pleasure to the user, so that's why I turn to use Folx now.

    • I think this is the best downloader for Mac user. As for me, it's an amazing essential tool for my desktop. I'm really happy with this tool and this discount offer. I used it for about two weeks, and nothing problems and errors come out. Nice! Thank you.

    • 公式ホームページで買うよりも25%安い。でもこのソフトはネット上の評価ではそれほど凄いものでは無い。

    • Before I purchased Folx, I was using Speed Downloader developed by Yazsoft. I'm so disappointed with this program, and could not adore any more. So I turned to look for a similar app instead. I think I would thank myself not miss Folx. I download Folx trial version, it worked well, and the most I'm satisfied is its not use my whole bandwidth. It's an amazing downloader app for mac users.

    • I've used Folx since 2015 from its version 3, and now upgrade to the version 4. Honest speaking, this app was not good enough in its version 3, the downloading speed is not fast as Speed Download, and ever crashes for 1 or two times. But since I upgraded to version 4, I think some bugs or errors were fixed. Now I think it's the best DL manager for Mac. Fast downloading speed, supports all the browsers, but not take any browser resources for no plugins. That's why I still choose Folx instead of other DL download apps.

    • I've used Folx for several years, since its beta version from now on. I can't remember why I preferred this app, but I'd like to say I love this app, and could not live without it. It has many common but actually very useful features, such as schedule download, multi-thread download, yeah, I think these features are of great user experience.

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    • 🔔 Folx PROの現在のコードが最新か確認してもらえませんか?
    • ご質問ありがとうございます。クーポンコードは最新アップデートのもので、最新バージョンの製品にも有効です。