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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 20%割引クーポン【2021年10月】

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro割引クーポンコード
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MAGIX (27商品)
20%OFF【¥1,523】最新MAGIX Movie Edit Pro割引情報,クーポンコード。有効期限:2021年11月3日
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更新しました 01/10/2021 By John
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 is a powerful home video editing software. Many friends may not have heard of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, but friends who have used this software like it very much. We recently tested the practicability of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. It feels perfect. It can meet the needs of most users and is an excellent choice for editing screen styles and professionals. And MAGIX Movie Edit Pro's function is also effortless to use, which can make your video become the focus of attention through the selected impressive lens halo and lighting effect, and quickly turn the most unstable lens into a perfect and stable lens, use proDAD Mercalli V2 to stabilize the image and apply the best scene appearance to all materials for an automatic visual upgrade. It can be fully automated with just one click. Of course, the function of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is far more than that.

A brand-new ultra-fast Infiltration engine is adopted in the new version, which significantly improves the overall running speed and fluency, increasing nearly eight times. And can also make the video obtain higher resolution and better processing effect. Besides, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro increases the scale and diversity of the project. It supports playing multiple videos at the same time so that users can process multiple video files at the same time and improve their work efficiency. In addition, new editing tools are added to the software, which makes the whole video editing process more streamlined and more efficient. In the cutting tool, a real-time preview function is added so that the user can preview the cutting effect in real-time when cutting video, thus continuously improving the video quality. Secondly, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has a brand-new video stabilization function. That is, the original video with poor quality, such as poor image quality and sound effects, is converted into a high-quality video so that you can convert some videos on your mobile phone. The software is specially designed for video editing and post-production, hoping to help everyone

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro features
1. Two editing modes: Storyboard or detailed timeline
2. Faster workflow: Amazing 64-bit performance
3. Accurate video editing of up to 32 multimedia tracks
4. Comprehensive 4K and HD support cameras, motion cams, etc.
5. Automatic wizard: used for video, image and audio editing
6. Creative design: special effects, transition, intro and outros, etc.
7. Custom menu: an animation template that is easy to adjust
8. Video on TV, on the road or in-play online
9. Sharing: Upload videos directly to Vimeo online
10. Use the Movie Edit Touch application to start video projects anytime and anywhere
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コメント (5)

  • Great movie editor. It is easy to learn and I can fully handle it now. Plus the customer service is classy. No complaint at all.

  • After using the trial, I paid for the full version without hesitation. Everything is nice, fast download, powerful features, amazing results…So far so good.

  • I really love this fantastic program. It makes editing much easier for me with fascinating results. I’d introduce it to my friends. Excellent product!

  • I tried the trial version and was totally satisfied with it, so I ordered it right away. The delivery is extremely quick. Everything is just great!

  • I have been looking for a good movie editor for a long time. I need one without such problems as frequent crashes or transition errors. Magix is exactly what I need. Though I met a few tiny troubles with it in the beginning, now I can work smoothly with it to make perfect movies.

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