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When you decide to use TeraCopy instead of the Windows default copy & move functions, you don’t need to create the shortcut for the TeraCopy, because it will be automatically integrated into the Explorer’s right button, so you can use the TeraCopy to copy & move files more quickly and conveniently than before. Compared to the Windows default inefficient copy & move functions, the TeraCopy will make you feel that you’ve changed a new engine of a car, too fast to copy a file, especially at copying the big files. So if you often copy large files, why not have a try?


コメント (11)
  • If you frequently copy and move the files, it will generate a list to copy one by one, and it does not copy at the same time as inefficient Windows copy. I personally recommend the open source FastCopy.
  • TeraCopy seems doesn't work for some multimedia memories. After the X1050 is connected to the computer, the files are copied by system default. Fortunately, the speed can be tolerated, but still feels not good, my system is still using XP.
  • In some frequently copy/move operations, it generates a list to copy one by one, and It doesn't copy at the same time as Windows, which leads to inefficiency.
  • Great deal. Low price yet powerful feature.
  • There are more options available in this program compared to windows copy/move, e.g. single or batch copying/moving, replacement of older files only, overwriting a single file / batch overwriting, renaming a single file / batch renaming, etc. It runs well and fast. Simple to operate. If I don’t need it, it will stay in the background without disturbing me. When transferring files, it would display the progress and speed. When it completes its job, it would inform me with a tinkerbell sound. Love it.
  • The program works as it promises. The data copying process goes smoothly with no errors. Fast and accurate.
  • The program is simple and user friendly. It works fast to move files. The best thing about this program is it skips the problematic files and moves all other healthy files. Meanwhile, it would tell me what the problems are with those problematic files, so that I can fix them conveniently and then move them.
  • TeraCopy worked perfectly to transfer 800GB of files from my PC to a portable hard drive. It even provides CRC file verification to. I started to transfer the files when I went to bed, and when I checked the transferring process the next morning, I was so surprised that it finished the work with no errors. Though I met some errors and crashes when I transferred another 320 GB of files, I still believe this lightweight yet powerful software is well worth the price.
  • TeraCopy is easy to use and works smoothly, quickly and reliably. It copies 382GB of files from an external hard drive to my HDD without a single tiny error. It works much better than the inbuilt windows copy. TeraCopy is the best copying software I’ve ever used. It is worth my investment.
  • I love teracopy very much, especially the data verification integrity. Thanks to this feature, I saved much time in file transferring. I have been using it for 8 years and I will keep using it.
  • One of my drive crashed and there were many important files in it. Thanks to this software, I managed to transfer all the files to another healthy drive without any issue. Well done TeraCopy!

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