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$99.95$59.97 40% Off
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40%OFF【¥4,350】最新IDM Computer UltraEdit割引情報,クーポンコード。有効期限:2021年10月31日
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更新しました 12/10/2021 By Kyle
UltraEdit is an old and well-known text editing tool. It supports all kinds of character encoding, including syntax highlighting, macro function, and spelling check. In the case of processing large files and tagging multitasking, UltraEdit's processing speed is also very fast, which shows its powerful performance.

Also, UltraEdit can be used with other tools from the same developer, such as UltraCompare, to make your text workflow more efficient.
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  • とても役立ちます。ゲームマニアにとっては、これはとても良いもので、強く支持します。

  • I started using UltraEdit a short time ago. It is very good. It works very well for both professional users and novices. It costs me $70 with a discount, much cheaper than the regular price. It is a good product worth the price. The support team is very helpful. I have seen numerous positive reviews about this product. Maybe you feel the price is a little high, but the functions are really better than those cheaper ones. I think after using the cheaper ones, most of the users will come back and choose UltraEdit again. Why not buy the good product at the first time, it is good in the long run. It is really a good product worth recommending.

  • UltraEdit is good to use with many wonderful features. It allows column selection, block indent and de-indent, code folding, etc. It has many macro languages. I can customize the settings through config file. I like the syntax highlighting feature. The supporters and developers always listen to customers’ feedbacks. They often make improvements on new features according to these feedbacks.

  • I use UltraEdit to work on my site. Before using UltraEdit, I find it takes a long time to create a site in HTML. I have about 30 webpages, it is so troublesome for me to change anything. With the help of UltraEdit, everything becomes easier. It provides built-in understanding for each programming and notation. The incredible searching and replacing feature is very helpful.

  • お尋ねします:FTPサーバーを開くと一連のアカウントナンバーの下桁が文字化けしており、ファイル・ディレクトリを再表示しなくなってしまいました。このような経験はありますか?どのように解決すればよいですか?(以前もこのようなことがありましたが、再インストールしたら解決しました。今回は再インストールしても、UESでも駄目でした。どうすれば良いか分かりません。)

  • I like UltraEdit very much. It can autotab and color the code, and I can do regex searching. It enables macros and utilities. I can set my own word files. But I am not able to load a large file. I think I will keep using UltraEdit. There is no problem ever in loading/saving projects with this program.

  • UltraEdit works fast and stably, it has many good functions, for example, column selection, FTP client, advanced sorting, multiple file search, built-in ASCII table, etc. I am so satisfied with it.

  • ゲームをエディットするのに役に経ちます。

  • UltraEdit is a powerful editing tool with many features. It works very stably. I like its various features, like column highlighting, file searching, advanced search/replace options, as well as file comparing. I have used it for many years, it is my daily use software. I think it is well worth the discounted price.

  • I didn’t expect UltraEdit might have so many wonderful features. It is easy to use, especially suitable for people who build their own sites. It can do html highlighting, and it can also remember the html tag format.

    It is a good text editor. If you have to work on websites, it is quite suitable for you. It is a nice tool. It’s worth the money.

  • このソフトは良さそうだが、トランスコーディング機能は出来が悪い。

  • レーシングゲームのアーカイブの編集に使用していますが、とても役に立っています。

  • プログラマー用の便利なツールだ!NotePad++と共に使用すると便利です。それぞれ短所と長所があります。

  • UltraEdit has very good search &replace features, other features like macros, tag lists, column mode are also useful. It is a great tool to design websites. The price is affordable.

  • 新しいバージョンをインストール中になんとエラーが発生しました。ひどいことに今はアンインストールできません。

  • Awesome deal! The price is much lower with the discount applied. Thanks for the offer!

  • UltraEdit is an amazing tool. Each time it updates, it becomes better. It is ideal for developers. It is a top choice for them.

  • UltraEdit can be set to meet different demands. It supports extensions as macros, wordlists, and more. The loading speed is super fast.

  • とてもパワフルなエディターツールで、当社のプログラマーの必須ツールとなっています。

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