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Join our Promotion Campaign to provide Giveaway or Cross-sale to our customers who have successfully finished the orders.

Every day, so many customers purchase software products from For these customers, we hope to introduce them to more excellent products.

Introduce your products to our VIP customers
According to our long-term sales report statistics, we called the customers who have purchased software as VIP customers. They have a 70% higher possibility of purchasing other software products than new customers. This campaign plan is designed to introduce your products to these VIP customers, and let them know and be familiar with your products.

Only you need to do is to choose one of the following two plans.

Giveaway Plan
Offer the VIP customers Exclusive Giveaway License
For the customers, the Giveaway is not easy to get, but have some requirements, so the customers will make a motivation to have a trial of your products.
Our Giveaway campaign is different from the common limited time Giveaway. Our Giveaway License is not provided to many people and not for a short valid term, but is valid for a long term and only provided to the VIP customers. BTW, we send the Giveaway license to our VIP customers, and your products promotional Info will be displayed at our website for a long time.

Cross-Sale Plan
All the customers who have purchased a product at our online store can purchase additional products at a discount price for a certain period of time, so that you can negotiate with each manufacturer and you can achieve joint sales with more than 500 manufacturers.
The product in Cross-sale price should be the biggest discounted price in the market, and we promise we will not release the cross-sale and discount offer to the public network, so as to make sure only the customers who have purchased the product at our online store will be available to the campaign offer.

What we will do for you
1. We will write the product review articles for the promotional products to improve the customer experience and boost the product conversion rate.
2. We make sure that all Giveaway License Codes and Cross-sale discounts are only available to our VIP customers, and will not give any negative affects to the current market.

How to join
Please contact us directly, and then we’ll review the product. If the product is qualified, we’ll contact you to discuss further details. The popular or featured products are a good choice for this plan.

Now join our plans, let our VIP customers know your products, please contact us directly:

Based on No Conflict
There will be only one of its kind products can be displayed in the same time period. If your product is similar to the product that is on promotion campaign, you need to wait for the promotion in the next turn.