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Colormango is an outstanding affiliate of avangate, an important partner of Digital River, and ranked TOP 10 on Regnow Affiliate, which is different from the general software download websites.

Our company regards "serve customer and save their money" as concept and is mainly engaged in offering software discount coupon codes for customers, and the sales conversion is far higher than general software download websites.

We keep good cooperation relationship with well-known software companies, and our promotion mode is by no means unique to others, which help our partners' brand got much more recognition and raise the sales conversion. So if you submit us your products as you submitted to general download websites, the probability of being approved is relatively low and might be less value for you.
Please read the rule carefully to ensure our cooperation of a good start.

1. We only accept who would like us to be his affiliate. If you accept us to join in your affiliate program, please confirm the affiliate item will be filled in or checked in PAD file. (Important)
The affiliate network we support: Regnow, Bluesnap, eSellerate, ShareIt, Cleverbridge, CJ, OneNetworkDirect.
Note: If we have not set up an affiliate relationship between us, and your affiliate auto approve is not available, we'll submit our request. Once the relationship set up, your product will be shown on our website ASAP.

2. Offering discount software is the main service of colormango.com, and we'll generate the discount codes for your products (Regnow, Avangate supported), or you can supply us your particular special offer coupon code.
As an sales tactics of raising sales conversion. In fact, the well-known software company supplying the special offers at all times. If you don't agree with us or have other special request, please contact us, we'll adjust it as your request. Also, multiple purchasing discount will be recognized as special offer, and you can have the detailed special offer description in the "Availability" box.

3. If your product is an outstanding freeware, please confirm your website PR >=4, and contact us, we'll have your product included ASAP.

4. We encourage you supply unique and detailed Product Info, which will bring more traffic to the product page and raise your product sales conversion. Just like this
  1). Description box:
Description Box
This box supports html source code but carriage returns should be removed if html source code used.

  2). Availability Box:
Availability box
You can fill your detailed coupon code info in this box, also html source code supported.

  3). Awards Box:
Awards box
You can add your award page link here, but all of the awards should be true.

  4). Mediainfo:
Media info box
You can offer more Info for customers via thick box of Mediainfo, such as product promotion video, more screenshots, product comparison etc,.
Format:(All the ThickBox Html code was supported, Detail Info about ThickBox, please visit: thickbox)
    a). YouTube:

    b). Screenshots:

    c). SWF:

    d). iframe:

5. If you complete what we listed above, please don't forget tell us by email, we'll approve your product at once.

6. As well, If your product page PR>=5, and offer special offer, please inform us by email, we'll put your software on our well-known promotion plan, as well as building one-to-one cooperation relationship.

7. Thanks for the extensive support from all you software vendors. None but your outstanding software is the basic motive force factors of our development.
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