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Nero is a German company. R & D center is located in Karlsbad, Germany, and Hangzhou, China. The company has a global direct online customer base - including manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, trading partners, and end customers.
Nero AG is a leading provider of digital media technology and a member of the MPEG-4 Industry Forum (MPEGIF).
Nero Digital provides easy to use MPEG-4 audio and video compression technology, especially the first-class audio using MPEG-4 efficient AAC. At the same time, Nero AG has developed the award-winning Nero Burning ROM product (the world-class CD / DVD application software) into a complete and rich multimedia solution.

Nero 割引クーポン


Nero Platinum Suite Discount Coupon
An excellent multimedia software suite, including video editing, recording, organization, conversion, encryption, compression, downloading, burning, streaming, and other functions.
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Nero Burning ROM Discount Coupon
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Nero Recode Discount Coupon
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Streaming Software

Nero MediaHome unlimited Discount Coupon
マルチメディア管理ソフトウェアで、Nero MediaHomeにあなたのすべての画像、オーディオ、ビデオ、PPTファイルを委ね、より便利にファイルを見つけることが可能になります。
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Video Editing

Nero Video Shopping & Trial
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Data Backup

Nero BackItUp Discount Coupon
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System Optimizer & Maintenance

Nero TuneItUp PRO Discount Coupon
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