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Blue Iris Discount Coupon
A video surveillance software. It can be used for video surveillance in supermarket and stores. It provides free monitoring function and can monitor 12 cameras.
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Security Monitor Pro Discount Coupon
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ManyCam Discount Coupon
An extremely useful webcam video recording software with various camera effects.
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Cyberlink YouCam Discount Coupon
An excellent camera program is designed for video chat. It is used to add virtual avatars, dynamic emoticons and more fun effects during your video chat and video recording.
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AV Webcam Morpher Discount Coupon
An anonymous chat tool can hide your real identity in a video chat room. The software comes with nickfaces, you can adjust the expressions and actions of these nickfaces. it supports voice change
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webcamXP Discount Coupon
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Netcam Studio Discount Coupon
Network video monitoring software, the server supports common cameras, rtsp and onvif network camera are also supported.
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WebCam Monitor Discount Coupon
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muvee 360 Video Stitcher for Mac Discount Coupon
Stitch, Trim & Share Samsung Gear 360 Camera videos and pictures
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