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I think many users who have used Ghost will love its powerful features. After using it, what a pity is that all operations under the DOS interface. Although all the disk clone operations of the PowerQuest Drive Image are under the Windows interface, the real backup work actually is under DOS, so it is not the real Windows clone software. Is there any real windows clone software? I searched from online, finally I found a software called Acronis True Image, and I installed it, then used it, yes, this is a real Windows clone software what I was looking for.
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  • It can back up data files under Windows without restarting the system. Data Restore function can also be set in advance under Windows, then just restart the system to restore the lost data files.


  • The program not only allows me to make a full backup of my hard drives, but also enables me to clone my hard drive to a new solid state drive. It works perfectly for me. I’m completely satisfied with its performance.


  • This is the only app I’ve met that can back up both the Mac partition as well as the Boot Camp partition. The telephone support is only free for 30 days, but the free online chat and email support are available all the time. I once called the tech team for help, it was really helpful. They even called me back after all my problems were fixed to see if I had any further help. I used it to back up a Mac Book Pro with 280 GB data as well as a Mac and Boot Camp partition, and the whole backup process took only one hour. I also tried it to back up my Surface Pro 3, and the backup goes equally quickly. It is really easy and fast to back up data. In addition, it can also create a clone of one PC for easy transfer of programs and files from one computer to another. What’s better, the app comes with unlimited cloud storage, that’s really a bonus. Overall, it is the best backup app I’ve ever met.


  • Acronis has never let me down. It is the best program in the market. I am a long term user of Acronis, from version 2012 to 2015. It works always stably. There is a “Startup Recovery” manager included in the program, no need of using a disk.

    With this recovery program, I can back up any data I need, from files and folders to the entire drive in case I need “Disaster Recovery”.

    Over all these years, Acronis gets better and better, it becomes faster and cleaner. I have installed it on all computers in my family, and it works perfectly on all of them. I set a "Disk" and "Incremental" backup for my wife, for she works on her computer and there are many important business data on it. The program will back up data as I set every 2 hours and save the backup files to one internal disk and one external hard drive. I prepare another external hard drive for cloning the C drive each week in case of a disaster recovery.

    Thanks to Acronis, I can keep all data safe. The program is really worth buying.


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