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If you need to burn your music, movies, videos, photos, and other multimedia files to CD, DVD to backup or convert formats, then Ashampoo Burning Studio is a good choice. It is a powerful and easy-to-use CD/DVD burning tool. It supports 255-character DVD file names and 64-character CD file name. It also supports more than 1500 kinds of CD, DVD ROM Burners, and car radios. There is no complicated setting and operation, and you can burn your files with simple clicks.

Ashampoo Burning Studio can help you quickly burn media files to the disc. Its burning speed is very fast, but it still makes sure your media files without data loss. It also has an easy-to-use built-in video editor — only a few clicks to cut and piece together the video and add a piece of background music.

It is worth mentioning that the software has a scratch protection function in the current version. Everyone knows that the reason why CD-ROM data storage devices will be eliminated, so it is difficult to use for a long time. The software can save the data to the CD in an emergency recovery method through a unique data processing method. Even if the CD is worn out, it can still restore your precious memory.
コメント (24)

  • its good

  • gracias

  • bom

  • Pros: Quick and Easy 2 use. Easy available widget. Really intuitive and skins interface
    Cons: Could be a bit faster with writing process.
    Summary: If you have to burn a CD/DVD/BluRay disk you should use this software. You won't be disappointed with this kind of tool.

  • Pros: No download problems
    No Bugs with the various programs included
    Easy to Use
    Makes Roxio and Nero software seem beyond substandard.
    Cons: None. None.
    Summary: Excellent Software!
    After years of hair pulling with the problems of just downloading the software of both Roxio and/or Nero (among a few others), I found one that works great. Ashampoo Burning Studio works like a charm. Best of all, it downloaded and installed within 3 minutes, compared to the 8 min and up for Roxio and Nero.
    I have tried several of the programs included with no problems or bugs, so far. The programs open quickly and are ready to go.
    I recently purchased the Roxio Creator 2011 package to install on my newly purchased HP Windows 7 computer. The software would not install and gave me an error code. When I looked up this error code, it is a problem code for the Roxio Creator software for the last several years. I had to manual delete the registry of the Roxio files, since it would not uninstall correctly.
    I was happy to hear about Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 during my review readings and tried it out. I am sure glad I did, since I purchased the full subscription of it.

  • 精巧で実用的です。Neroは容量が大きいけど使いにくいです。

  • 好きです。使っていて気持ちがいいです。あの重たいNeroよりかなりいいです。

  • ずっとAshampooの製品を使っています。綺麗で簡単で使いやすいです。これはNeroよりずっといいです。

  • 本当に、非常に非常に非常に使いやすいです。操作は簡単で、私みたいな馬鹿でも使えます。このソフトを開発した会社とエンジニアの方々に本当に感謝しています。

  • 操作は簡単明瞭です。でも原因はわかりませんが4G少しの動画が3時間以上書き込んでいますがまだ終わりません。

  • どうしてなのかはわかりませんが、DVDの書き込みは成功率が高く、CDの書き込みは何枚もダメでした。ドライブの問題なのか、それともCDが安すぎてダメなのか…

  • Pros: Does much of what Roxio or Nero does, and costs about one-third as much. Only thing I can't see it do is drag and drop to an optical disk.
    Cons: No drag and drop.
    Summary: Good stuff!

  • 相当使いやすいです。スピードも速いし機能も多いし。でも、わたしのディスクは500Mちょっとしか使っていないのに、残りの4Gの容量はまだ使ってません。でもこのソフトは再書き込みはできません。こういうのはかなり無駄になります。

  • Easy to use bright and airy
    Pros: This program is much faster at encoding and writing to disc it is a whole 1.5 hours faster on my machine now.The programs are set out in an easy to view structure with preview information as you hover over the choices, Blueray disc writing included.
    Cons: I have not found any as yet still experimenting??
    Summary: An excellent piece of software with powerfull opertunities to creat fantastic discs.

  • とても使いやすいです! 楽にできました。ディスクを1枚たりとも無駄にしません。

  • 普通ですね。2Gの動画を書き込むのに20分かかりました。

  • 書き込みできるドライブを買って以来ずっとこれを使っています。非常に使いやすく、何をしたいか簡単明瞭です。以前書き込みが失敗が続く時期があり、私はソフトの問題だと思っていましたが、ドライブが壊れていたと後で分かりました。危うくソフトに濡れ衣を着せるところでした。NEROと比べて私はこっちを使うのが好きです。

  • Pros: Multi Language As Well I Can Use IIn Chinese
    Cons: Upgrape very Fast
    Summary: Burning Easy in use

  • Great price for everyone, excellent product.
    Pros: It is always ready and corrects itself if need be.
    Cons: Nothing... nothing I don't like about Ashampoo.
    Summary: I love the feature structure,ything you would want as you would like to see it listed and in that order. It performs with limited input understanding from you. Just know what you want and you will find it as you would have expected.

  • Brilliant !!!
    Pros: Best value for money burning software I've ever found !!!
    Cons: ????????????

  • とてもいいです。わたしはこれで120枚以上のディスクの書き込みをしました。どれもとてもいいです。何枚かは書き込み失敗とメッセージが出ましたが、普通に再生できました。多分私のドライブの反応が遅すぎるからでしょう。本当に使いやすいです。Neroよりかなり強いです。

  • 個人で初めて使いました。何れにしても使いやすいと思います。何度も使った後の状況はよく分かりません。

  • 書き込んだCDの音は少し小さいです。私はNEROも持っています。比較した結果です。みなさん試してから決めてください。

  • Neroの代わりにいいですね。Neroは多くの機能を使わずじまいです。

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