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Canva is an online image design service, non-design skills you need.

Canva makes it very easy to create incredible designs for projects - and you can do graphic design in minutes. Its pre-designed templates give you a big advantage because you can easily customize them using drag and drop tools. If you don't have the resources to hire designers and design yourself quickly and easily without any experience, it is recommended to upgrade to Canva Pro.

Canva Pro includes all the contents in the free version of Canva, as well as:
* Unlimited folder
* Team function
* Unlimited storage of photos and video materials
* Upload customized pictures
* Access to millions of photos
* Exclusive access to 400000 free photos, illustrations, and templates
* One-click image size adjustment
* Upload your brand's custom font
* Set up a palette for your brand
* Save the template for you and your team
* Organize photos with folders
* Find your design easily through search
* Adjust design to custom size
* Download design with transparent background
* Export design as animated GIF format
* Priority technical support services
  • "Include Canva free plan, an easy drag-n-drop interface, and a massive library of logo templates, photos, icons, fonts, and colors. (Logo Maker)"
  • "Own your files, can download a .png version of the logo without upgrading to the pro versions, multiple downloaded file options in upgraded plans including PDF, PNG, JPG format. (Logo Maker)"
  • "Support animated logos, and easy collaboration tools, not only for creating logos but other kinds of design work like banners, etc. (Logo Maker)"
  • "Built-in a ton of features (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "Built-in a ton of free templates (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "A great option if you're looking for a photoshop altertive tool. it is fast and easy to use with built-in assets. It does not requir you have a good background in design, take a lot of time to learn and farmiliar its hundreds of features. (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "A great option if you're looking to create simple graphics and documents that require little design skill. (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "A great option if you're looking to create different types of visuals and occasion presentations. (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "Required sign up (Logo Maker)"
  • "Have to pay extra to remove the watermark, or have the .svg format (Logo Maker)"
  • "Logo template categories are a bit limited, and the graphic styles are more tend to be cartoonish, might not suitable for all types of businesses (Logo Maker)"
  • "Can not create unique elements and only allows use. (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "Lack of some advanced photo editing features. If you want to work with more images and heavy-duty image work, you need Photoshop or combine Canva with Lightroom. (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "Does not have local file storage. This means if the website is down for some reason, you will need to wait to access your designs to make new changes. (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "The mobile app has less than half the features of the desktop version. (Photo Slideshow)"
  • "Hard to use on small screens like mobile devices. (Photo Slideshow)"



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