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Cross DJ割引クーポンコード
MixVibes (3商品)
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更新しました 18/05/2021 By Lensey
Cross DJ provides all the must-have DJing tools with a user-friendly interface and considerate button layout. Available on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, which makes it convenient to mix on the go. Also, it supports unified across platforms, no matter if you are using a touch screen or a retina screen.

Cross DJ added an improved Autoplay feature - track analysis, which can recognize the intro, outro, and the highlight parts of your tracks. Besides, it allows users to import from major DJ software and export to a USB flash drive from Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, and Virtual DJ without the DJ booth.

Within Cross DJ, users can directly retrieve iTunes' collection and playlists, import hot cues, loops, and playlists from Traktor, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ libraries, and mix music from SoundCloud Go+.

It offers a wide range of MIDI controllers that combines DJ software and hardware into one solution. Cross DJ also supports syncing several compatible apps over the same WIFI network.
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  • I really enjoy using this program. I have also used Virtual DJ and DJay, but I think the design of MixVibes Cross is more suitable for me. It is integrated with iTune and my controller (Umix Control Pro) is compatible with it. It is mapped very well. What’s more, MixVibes Cross 2.0.1 helped me remap the pitch slider, with which I can manage the effect depth and thus I can enjoy more effects.

  • The program works stably and has rich features. I can connect it with up to 16 midi controllers simultaneously. It supports all kinds of sound cards. It is the most suitable product for me.

  • I have used MixVibes Cross for some time, there is no problems, and vinyl doesn’t skip. There is no blip when I hold vinyl with needle. I really like it.

  • To be honest, Mixvibes Cross can’t be compared with TRAKTOR and Virtual DJ. It is not the best DJ controller. However, it is really worth recommending. It can work stably on many different platforms, for example, Mac, PC, etc. It has many useful features and is compatible with many DJ MIDI controllers. What’s more important for me is Cross can work with my iTunes library.

    Mixvibes Cross is good software. It is flexible, powerful and stable, and also has rich features. It is worth trying. It can fit all my needs for Internet radio show.

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