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Genie Backup Manager Pro is an excellent data backup tool! It can help you quickly back up/restore necessary mail materials, favorites, address books, fonts, and any documents! You can make it into a compressed file, which is convenient to restore data without installing software.

Genie Backup Manager Pro Features:
* Back up files, folders, emails, system settings, programs, and program settings to any storage device, including internal and external hard disks, SAN, NAS and LAN, memory stick, CD/DVD, tape, FTP server, etc.;
* Use AES encryption to protect backup data;
* Manage open files, and be able to back up open files;
* Classification-including backup history and backup file records;
* Restore backup files from running tools;
* Automatic backup at regular intervals;
* Compressed backup can be used;
* Support normal backup, incremental backup, and mirror backup.
コメント (7)

  • The software just did not work for me at all. It worked great when I tested it, but failed when I needed it to restore my several terabytes of compressed data. I contacted the customer support for help, but they just ignored me. Very horrible support.

  • The program is strong and flexible. The design of this product is fantastic. It is a reliable backup solution.
    Its feature settings are very impressive. It offers helpful preset backup plans and it is also able to be customized easily. Last time the Windows system of my computer crashed, I used the Emergency boot CD to help me restore it. The backup sets can be created to executable programs. So, even when this backup software is not installed, the programs can still run successfully.
    Just one thing, it doesn’t have secure FTP

  • Sometimes I have to reinstall my computer system and format the hard drivers. It is really a troublesome process to reinstall all programs. Luckily, this tool is superb for me to back up and recover all content, including files, programs, etc. I’m very satisfied with its good work. It is, in my opinion, amazing disaster recovery software. I am always busy with my work, and time is precious to me. This program can save my time with its high efficiency. The price value of this program is good. Perfect tool!!

  • I had a really nice experience with Genie Backup on my XP OS. This easy-to-use program does a great job for me. It prompted me to back up customary and less customary items, and the speed is super high. It only took around 15 mins to back up my 4GB of files from D drive to C drive. Though I’m so satisfied with Genie Backup, I still prefer to back up my most important data to an online service.

  • As an editor, I have to deal with lots of files every day. In some cases, some important files may be lost by accident. It is annoying to have to search for or edit the source materials once again. However, the crashes of hard disks can not be avoided in some instances as well. I have little knowledge on PC. This tool suits me well, for it is not difficult to operate. Last week, I lost some necessary files, and this program has helped me get the lost documents back efficiently. The simple and intuitive procedure of restoring the lost files impressed me.

    I am fond of the useful and explicit tutorials very much. I have recommended this good tool to all my colleagues. Great!!

  • The backup software is simple, reliable and fast. I have tested it on 2 laptops, one is XP Pro 32-bit, and the other is Vista Premium 64-bit. It worked perfectly on both systems. The software can not only back up documents/music/pictures, it even backs up system files, but it can not back up on Dual Layer DVD, that’s not cool.

  • I purchased this tool last month. It can work well to back up the files in my PC. The easy and simple process enables me to work happily. Every computer user should buy this software. Thumb up!!

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