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40%OFF【¥4,061】最新IObit MacBooster割引情報,クーポンコード。有効期限:2021年5月31日
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IObit 割引情報
IObit Promo Code & Discount Coupon - Get 40% off IObit's best-selling products!
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更新しました 07.05.2021 By Dana
Macbooster is a one-stop system optimization and cleaning tool on Mac, which provides 10+ essential optimization tools. Whether it is to kill the trojan virus, delete application junk files, clean up garbage, or repair various MAC common problems, Macbooster can show its ease and keep the MAC performance at the top.

Clean 20+ types of junk files
You may not know how many useless files the MAC produces, but you don't have to worry about it after installing Macbooster. With Macbooster, it can automatically clean up 20+ types of junk files: installation package, language file, iOS photo cache, email attachment, system log/cache, etc.

Turbo Boost
Mac performance decreases with disk usage. Through the unique Turbo Boost function of the Macbooster, it can automatically repair, optimize the disk space, and solve all kinds of abnormal permission problems.

Optimize startup items
Manage MAC boot items, disable unnecessary startup applications, and effectively speed up Mac OS startup speed.

Find duplicate files
Duplicate files/pictures/videos may occupy a lot of MAC space. Macbooster can easily find them and automatically determine the useless duplicate files that can be cleaned up.

Keep away from Trojans and viruses
Macbooster will update the virus database regularly to protect the MAC from virus, Trojan, and malware.

Completely uninstall the application
When you use Macbooster to uninstall an application, it will automatically analyze the relevant cache / associated files and clean them up together.

Macbooster Mini
Through the Macbooster Mini function of the menu bar, it is convenient to view the current network upload/download speed, memory usage, garbage file size, and prompt whether to clean the junk files when the user uninstalls the application.
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  • I have used MacBooster for a period of time, I find it very handy and functional. With MacBooster, my mac can share more free space, it works faster and I can do a better job for the moment. Moreover, it is not so expensive and I can accept the price.

  • Although OS X is the most secure system I’ve ever used, but it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% away from the security and privacy issues, I still worried about virus, hackers, and the fishing problems which would steal my private Info. And this program helped me solve all the problems that I worried about before.

  • GUI is really cool. It is easy to understand and learn, and it can work as it describes. The rating of IObit support reaches 100%!!! I’m always satisfied about Iobit.

  • For my own Mac with its small 320G SSD, obviously the disk space is too tight for me, but I found there were many junk files that occupied some space, it’s inconvenient to manually clean up. I think MacBooster is the best software on Mac to help you clean up junk files and free up your disk space, now I have more space to use.

  • MacBooster really helps me a lot on boosting my Mac. It is really great! After installing MacBooster, I also find it safer when I search the Internet. I have used it for a period of time and I find my Mac really needs it. Though it’s very useful and helpful, the problem is about its price. It’s really a little expensive for me.

  • After I update my mac to os x 10.9, I find it run slower than ever before. But soon after installing MacBooster, this problem is totally solved. It is running fast for the moment. I believe MacBooster is really a useful and helpful mac system tool.

  • MacBooster is a fast and easy-use system tool. It is not just a tool that accumulates many functions, it is not so complicated but can bring what I really need. It doesn’t take so large space, but it’s powerful. However, it is a little expensive.

  • Altogether, my viewpoint is that MacBooster is a very useful software with stunning user interface, especially after optimization, the speed of my Mac is like a rocket, very worthy to buy.

  • You can download MacBooster and try it on your Mac, you will find your Mac be apparently improved. With MacBooster, you can uninstall many apps and delete the files you don’t need any more and of course, you will have more free space in your Mac.

  • MacBooster is easy to operate, but really effective and strong. I have tried all the beta versions and I can’t live without it in my daily life.
    IObit support team provides very good after-sales service. Whenever I have problem with the MacBooster, I can always get a quick response from the team and get my problem solved. I have suggested friends and family members around me to use it.

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