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Spytech 割引情報
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更新しました 12.05.2021 By John
Spytech NetVizor is a professional network monitoring software with various features, and it has comprehensive and powerful functions and easy to operate. Through Spytech NetVizor, users can track personal computers and multiple computers and monitoring computers' operations remotely, including remote management. Spytech NetVizor supports the recording of the computer file system and the user's operation status; The monitoring function is powerful and straightforward, and the operation is convenient and fast. The user interface is intuitive and tidy so that you can use it without professional study!

Spytech NetVizor Function introduction:
1. View the user's keyboard input in real-time
2. See which programs are running and how long they are running.
3. Check the websites visited and how long does it last
4. View open and print files and view file system creation/deletion
5. View network traffic data
6. View sent and received emails and chat records
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  • Powerful network monitoring function. It monitors all the computers connected to the network from one place. NetVizor is a great tool to track PC users and work stations with multiple computers.

  • We installed NetVizor for our client, and they were extremely satisfied with it. They said this program alone was already worth all the cost. Thanks Spytech for making us heroes of our client! Excellent software with very quick tech support. Well worth the discounted price!

  • NetVizor is really a powerful tool, it can monitor all computers of my small company and doesn’t seem to occupy many network resources. And tech support was very nice, once I had a problem, they answered my email very quickly and even offered the remote support to help me solve problem, they were very responsible, thanks a lot.

  • I love this wonderful software, I own a small company with some PCs for business, and I’ve monitored some users installing unauthorized software on our PCs. Very useful and helpful for small enterprise.

  • The best centralized network monitoring and content filtering tool I know for companies and institutes. Very well designed and monitors every single activity in the network.

  • pytechNetVizor is a fabulous program. It does all I need for it, and has no influence to network speed. At first, it is not compatible with my Norton 360. The support team is very helpful. They not only answer my e-mails, but also provide me with remote support. Now everything goes well.

  • Since I have a big family, there are multiple computers on one network, from my brothers, sisters, mom and dad. So it is very important to check out and maintain our network. What's more, I need to monitor and control my little brother's connection to prevent inappropriate websites from him. NetVizor does all the things well for me. I'm completely satisfied with it.

  • I love what the software advertises, which I believe is very beneficial to my company, so I was very happy to give it a try. However, I could not even install it, let alone use it. It should be more user friendly as it claims

  • I really love its feature of allowing me to monitor all the screens of the computers on my network anytime I want, and to track the activities of my users. It even gives real-time behavior alerts. This amazing piece of software does exactly what I need from it, without slowing down the network at all.

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