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Excellent network synchronization tools (PC, Mac and mobile phone file synchronization/backup/sharing)

SugarSync, like DropBox, when you edit a file or change the directory file structure, all changes will be automatically backed up to the network. SugarSync's storage space is very stable, reliable, and safe, and it has a specific file-sharing function. SugarSync's free account can support two computers synchronizing with the network hard disk space. In addition to the PC client /Mac client provided by SugarSync, users can also access it through mobile phones such as iPhone/ Blackberry /Windows Mobile. If you don't need multiple computers to synchronize files, it is also valuable to use SugarSync as a file backup tool.


コメント (15)
  • SugarSync app is very good and useful. I can synchronize everything in my computer to my tablet with it. Good job!
  • SugarSync really works well for me. I backup all photos on my laptop to the cloud storage, and I can access them from any device with SugarSync or SugarSync app, like my laptop, my Kindle, my iPhone, etc. The best thing is the pictures are stored online, so I don’t need to transfer them to each device one by one. Really convenient and secure!
  • The trail version provides 5GB space to backup files. You can use it to sync and back up any file or folder from unlimited computers. It supports for BlackBerry, Android phones, iPhone/iPad, Symbian systems, as well as computers. What a broad support it provides!
  • I think SugarSync is much better than Dropbox. They are both products for cloud sync of files, but SugarSyne can synchronize any folder you want, while Dropbox can only work with one folder. What’s more, SugarSync provides larger free storage space than Dropbox. If you recommend this software to others, you can get 500MB extra space for one recommendation, while the number for Dropbox is only 250MB.
    Above all, I like SugarSync very much.
  • SugarSync is a quick and easy cloud storage tool. Don’t need to worry about losing anything with it. The service is excellent. Hope it will keep improving.
  • I first used SugarSync on my desktop and iPhone, it works quite well. Since the Android OS on my tablet is too old to be supported by Google Play, I could not get SugarSync for my tablet. That’s really a pity. A few days ago, when I was surfing the internet, I saw the Android version of SugarSync here. I didn’t hesitate to download it, because I want to try it on my tablet. Surprisingly, SugarSync works on it perfectly! I’m very excited about this!
  • Among all the backup software I have tried, SugarSync is the best. Its free 5GB space can be used to store photos and documents, but not large enough for MP3 or movies backup. So I also use an external HDD to back up large files.

    SugarSync works in the background, so I can do other things on my computer while it’s backing up files. That’s one of my favorite features. Another is, whenever I create a new file or make some changes to a file, SugarSync will automatically backup the newest files. I can’t remember to backup those important data in time, SugarSync really helps me a lot.
  • SugarSync works as it promises. For those really important files, I can synchronize them from my work computer to my mobile device, so that I can view them whenever and wherever I need. It is very helpful for my work.
  • I installed SugarSync on all my devices, PC, laptop, phone and tablet. With its help, data can be easily transferred among these devices. I lost the data cable of my Kindle Fire, but it doesn’t matter, I can sync any files I need to Kindle with SugarSync. What a wonderful sync tool!
  • I use SugarSync to transfer movies from my PC into iPad. It works great, worth my money. Plus, they provide a big discount here, a good value!
  • I use SugarSync to sync various files among my iPhone, Kindle Fire, computer and tablet. SugarSync is easy to operate and very useful. I can share files easily with a high speed from any device I’m using.
  • The old version SugarSync works well for me, so when the new version comes, I can’t get used to it at first.

    But it is very handy. It feels good to get files from different computers all together. I can view all synced files with my Kindle Fire. I really love it!
  • Before trying SugarSync, I used another file sharing product. But when I share a file to a friend, it takes spaces on both of our accounts. This is very annoying. But with SugarSync, I can directly view the shared files online, no space is taken. Only when I download and save the file into my folder, then the space is taken.
  • I started using SugarSync only a few days ago. It works great so far and quite useful. Our company got a new boss and I needed to introduce our department and projects to him in the meeting. I made a PPT on my computer beforehand, and synchronized it to my tablet. So I can just use my tablet to show my boss the PPT. SugarSync really did a good work!
  • I use SugarSync to synchronize my important data on all my PCs. I have to say, SugarSync is really convenient and reliable. I can edit files anywhere I want as long as there is internet connection. It saves my files in a good way. It is really a good tool!

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