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When we process some important files on the computer, we will choose to back up, or if we need to reinstall the system, we will first back up the important files, and then copy the backup files directly after reinstalling the system. The 2BrightSparks SyncBackPro is a very powerful professional tool for backing up, synchronizing and restoring the content of data files, and the software also has many professional advanced tools, such as the ability to automatically transfer media files to portable devices, backup pictures, music files, movies and other content.

It is an enhanced version of SyncBack SE, supports SFTP, CD/DVD, 256 AES, mail server, scripts, etc., and SyncBackPro also has a powerful built-in FTP engine to take backups on any FTP site. Webmasters should really need this software. The highlighted feature is it supports many cloud services, like Amazon S3, Azure, SFTP.

SyncBackPro is one of the most powerful, complete and professional backup and synchronization software. (For example, Compact Flash), FTP server, ZIP file, and network sharing. It is very easy to use, but still includes many optional features for professional users. Using this software for backup is a very fast process, it can handle an unlimited number of files. It always supports old versions of files because it supports version control and incremental backup to save time and reduce resource burden. If you need a file backup, recovery and synchronization tool, then you must not miss this software.
コメント (10)

  • Great program. It is able to back up a large amount of files in a very short time. In addition, it only takes very few resources. Hope it will release the Mac version.

  • SyncBackPro is very powerful, but the setup is a little bit complicated. I'm using both Cloud Station and SyncBackPro now, Cloud Station for instant sync, SyncBackPro for scheduled sync.

  • Great - Easy to use and allows me to do mirror backups - unlike most backup software

  • Been in use, although it is not a popular backup program, it's really good for data sync backup

  • I've used the two programs: goodsync and syncbackpro. On my experiences, I think goodsync is easier to use,but syncbackpro is of more powerful features. If we have some more advanced requirements, I recommend syncbackpro, for it covers all the features of goodsync, and provides more powerful functions.

  • SyncBackPro is really nice. I like its rich and powerful features, adequate for me. The price is affordable.

  • SyncBackPro is truly the best professional backup tool. Clear and intuitive GUI. I personally think it's so much better than GOODSYNC.

  • An easy-to-use backup tool for files. It recovers and synchronizes files super fast.

  • I've been using this software for several years. The best feature I like is I can backup my data files to any devices, and I can set scheduled backups. It's an ideal backup tool both for personal and business use.

  • Nice program. It is the only one can be used to sync mailbox files in the similar backup programs.

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