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Since you accidentally deleted the computer data, how can we recover quickly?

Whether you empty the recycle bin, use Shift+Delete to delete files, or are the disk permanently formatted, and the files are lost? No problem! Wise Data Recovery can efficiently deal with and quickly recover lost files.

Wise Data Recovery Pro is a useful and straightforward data recovery software leading in the industry at present, which can help users recover the photos, videos, documents, and other files they want from any storage devices. Wise Data Recovery Pro supports the recovery of 1000+ type files, including images, documents, videos, emails, and so on. Furthermore, it supports data recovery from local drives, external drives, USB drives, SD cards, mobile phones, and other mobile devices. In addition, Wise Data Recovery Pro has a beautiful interface, simple operation, and small occupied space, only 4.7Mb.

There are too many scanning results, and you cannot find the file you want to restore? Wise Data Recovery also supports file filtering and selects only the file types that need to be recovered with one click.

Wise Data Recovery Pro features
1. Support file filtering (such as pictures, videos, or documents) and support precise filtering of scanning results (such as specifying the file type as *.png and entering the file name through wildcard characters, etc.)
2. By marking scanned files (good, poor, and unrecoverable), it is easy to judge which files can be recovered entirely and cannot be recovered.
3. Support to recover deleted data from NTFS or FAT hard disk, U disk, and mobile hard disk.
4. Files deleted by mistake, the recycle bin emptied, and files deleted by shift+delete have a good recovery success rate. (Partitioning, formatting, and raw recovery are not supported)
  • "The scanning speed is very fast. I have never seen data recovery software scanning so fast."
  • "Identify the scanned files (good, poor, unrecoverable), and you can easily determine which files can be recovered entirely and which can't."
  • "It has a good recovery function for files deleted by mistake, emptying the recycle bin and deleted by shift+delete."
  • "some deleted files can't be found."
  • "Partition, formatting and raw recovery are not supported."



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