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更新しました 02.04.2021 By John
When you change your mobile phone, you can't transfer the content from the old mobile phone to the new one, and you will lose a lot of essential data. Wondershare Mobileデータ移行 can help users transfer the specific content from the old mobile phone to the new mobile phone, which is very convenient!

Wondershare Mobileデータ移行 is a small and fashionable file transfer tool between smartphones. It can simplify the file transfer process between two Android or iOS smartphones and between smartphones and computers.

Wondershare Mobileデータ移行 allows you to transfer messages, pictures, videos, etc., between mobile phones. If you switch phones regularly and want all the old smartphone content to be displayed on your new device, this is the function you need. Synchronizing contacts between Android phones (via Google) is usually not difficult, and importing old iPhone data via iTunes. But when you need to import something from an old mobile phone, things will become more difficult. MobileTrans allows you to transfer data between iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and less popular mobile platforms such as Symbian and Blackberry. To get started, you only need a Mac or PC as an intermediary and connect the target and source phones.

Features of MobileTrans
* The data of mobile phone can be transmitted to other mobile phones for use
* Read the memory card data of the mobile phone
* The data is directly transferred from the memory card of one mobile phone to the new mobile phone
* Save the old mobile phone data in advance by backup
* Download the backup data to the new mobile phone
* Save the address book of the old mobile phone when replacing the new mobile phone
* Restore your mobile phone to its original state and delete all mobile phone data
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  • The program is very easy! It works almost automatically with little interaction from users. Fairly nice user interface.

  • I do appreciate this product. Usually when we get a new phone we should seek help from the phone company to transfer data, music, pictures, texts, and contacts from old phone to the new phone. Now, you don’t need to do that again. With this product, you can finish transferring all by yourself.

  • Awesome price! Saved $11.99 on MobileTrans. I’m so happy to get it at such a wonderful price.

  • Coupon works for me. Thanks for the great deal! Really a great save for me.

  • This program has done a great job and moved all data including my contacts, pictures, videos and apps form my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to new Galaxy Note. But there is one point to be mentioned: for the first time I connected each cellphone, it seemed that the installation of the drivers and the Mobile Go software was done, but there was a message about connecting error to both cellphones. After I disconnected the USB cable and connected it again, it worked well.

    This program also provides useful reminders and guiding about how to enable you phone’s USB Developer Mode. With this mode enabled, you can install the drivers. In addition, those instructions can also tell you how to enable Unknown Sources, thus you are able to install apps from your old cellphone to your new cellphone directly.

  • Coupon is valid. It saved almost $12 for me. Soooo happy with this cheap yet powerful app.

  • I can transfer everything from my S3 to new S4, including apps, music, videos, contacts, texts, pictures even call logs. This is greater than KIES. Like it!

  • Coupon works for a 30% off discount! The lowest price available!

  • This really helped me a lot in transferring files between phones. With this program, I can back up files into another phone if my phone has some problems and needs to be repaired. It is worth my money and makes me feel safe with my valuable data.

  • I would like to sell my old phone out before getting a new one. That is, I need to first back everything up and transfer it to my new phone when I get it. MobileTrans has done this for me perfectly. I love it. It is just what I am looking for.!!

  • I used Samsung’s KIES software before. It turned out a total trash. Thanks to MobileTrans, I have peace of mind now. I am quite happy with it.

  • I tried to use the program to transfer data between Motorola mesmerize and Samsung Mega. I am not really good at technology. But the program makes transferring easy enough for me.

  • Its interface is friendly and simple. It is able to recognize my old HTC One. Really easy to use. I have not any problems till now.

  • The software could not work with my Windows 8.1 Laptop for the first time I downloaded it. I am disappointed with that and then ask for help from the customer service. And I am glad to get the response within two hours. They give me another download link. After uninstall and reinstall this program, it is workable now.

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