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TunesGo (Suite) 1 Year 1 PC$47.96 $11.99-20%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (iOS Devices) 1 Year 1 PC$39.96 $9.99-20%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (Android Devices) 1 Year 1 PC$29.92 $10.03-25.1%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (Suite) 1 Year 1 PC$47.96 $11.99-20%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (iOS Devices) 1 Year 1 PC$39.96 $9.99-20%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (Android Devices) 1 Year 1 PC$29.92 $10.03-25.1%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (Suite) Lifetime 1 PC$59.94 $10.01-14.3%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (iOS Devices) Lifetime 1 PC$49.93 $10.02-16.7%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (Android Devices) Lifetime 1 PC$39.96 $9.99-20%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (Suite) Lifetime 1 PC$59.94 $10.01-14.3%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (iOS Devices) Lifetime 1 PC$49.93 $10.02-16.7%クーポンを使う
TunesGo (Android Devices) Lifetime 1 PC$39.96 $9.99-20%クーポンを使う
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Wondershare TunesGo is a powerful iOS/Android file transfer tool. Users can transfer pictures, music, videos, and other resources from other devices to iOS with one click and support moving them from iOS devices to iTunes, which is easy to operate and very convenient!

Wondershare TunesGo allows you to manage Android and iOS devices in a convenient environment. You can transfer and back up contacts, photos, music, SMS, etc., on iOS and Android devices. Transfer songs make iPhone ringtones, repair music labels, delete duplicate tracks, and back up the entire music library to a PC without iTunes. Please note that iTunes is not required for all iOS-related functions. Let you manage and back up contacts more safely and simply. Wondershare TunesGo also supports installing applications in batches, retaining user data, and uninstall applications in batches to save time. TunesGo can help you master Android phones/tablets in a few minutes with a high success rate and zero risks!
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  • The program fits me well for some simple transferring between my computer and iPhone. It comes with a big discount. Nice offer!

  • Wondershare TunesGo saved me from iTunes pain! I like it just for its convenience, each convenient aspects compared to using iTunes, and more its advanced features or enhanced features compared to iTunes. So there're more useful features, here I just list some most convenient for me.
    1. allows to transfer files directly between iOS devices and computers.
    2. automatically convert file formates as you want while transfering process.
    3. just drag files to complete the copy process between iOS devices and computers.
    4. Both available for windows and mac.

  • iTune functions are designed for not good user experience. So I have to choose another tool to be instead of. I purchased Wondershare TunesGo for my convenient ios devices content management. It's an essential program tool for me, and I can't live without it. Actually, I don't like iTunes for its not convenient. It helps me easily copy musics from different ios devices, and its media formats features are very useful. Moreover, it lets me so easy and convenient to export the files from ios devices to computers both mac and windows. Recommend!

  • I like Wondershare TunesGo for its features that 'remedies' iTunes cons. With Wondershare TunesGo, I can more easily and conveniently to transfer my files between iOS devices and computers. We know iTunes only sends users media files to the device but not copy back from it. And TunesGo lets me easily backup files and restore files. Its only cons I think is its playlist can not be edited and not compatible with other playlist in different formats, that can not be imported into the Mac OS. That's bad. In short, Wondershare TunesGo is an useful and convenient tool for mac users.

  • With this tool I can transfer music and other files from one device to another one. But the irritating thing is that it will keep closing. There is no way to order the files, so it really makes me crazy to figure out which files have been transferred.

    Frankly speaking I would not suggest you to use this one. If you only have a few files to transfer, then this program is good for you, otherwise, choose a better one for more advanced transfer.

  • As an iDevices user, I'm not satisfied with iTunes, and hate its design style, it's always unpleasure during the file transferring process. One of my friends told me Wondershare TunesGo, and I had a try. It immediately satisfied me for its much more convenient than iTunes. I like its talent content management functions. By using this tool, I can easily export and backup my SMS history to other devices. BTW, thanks for the discount coupon, saved me a lot!

カスタマー Q&A

  • 🔔 In reference to order#------------- for Wondershare TunesGo. I thought I ordered the Mac program, but when I went to download the link it was for Windows. I must have clicked on the wrong one in the end. I am wondering if I could either do an exchange for the Mac program or refund so I may re-purchase the proper program.

    Please let me know if there is anything you can do to assist me.

    Thank you so much!
  • Hi jenny,
    For your problem and question, you can refund your previous order, and re-purchase the mac version again. You can email our Customer Service Team at to submit your refund request with order number. Thank you. If still any questions or problem, feel free to contact us. Thanks!


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