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All My Books
All My Books is a very easy-to-use e-book management tool. We can easily load all books into this application to manage our books. It is powerful. It can automatically get your book information from the Internet, automatically download the cover, and supplement the book information, according to the author's name, title, or international standard book number.

Main Features
1. Assign Book number automatically
2. Delete linked files upon book deletion
3. Show tip of the day
4. Compress database on exit
5. Show splash screen on startup
6. Check for updates weekly
7. Stars rating
8. Display alternative author's names
9. Display book list on the top
10. Full-size cover
11. Support numerous usable online databases, like Amazon, BarnesAndNoble, BarnesAndNoble,, Bol, etc.
12. Store all the images inside the database
13. Check for the duplicate title when adding a new book

All My Movies
All My Movies is a convenient and easy-to-use movie management software. It supports all formats, including DVD, CD video, AVI, MPEG files, and even VHS videotape files. It can automatically identify which ones are loaned out, which ones are borrowed.

All My Movies' tree-structured database allows you to quickly sort out your target items according to the movie theme, actor, or director. Another useful feature is that you can take screenshots of DVD and AVI files and add them to the database as an attachment. User comments can also be added.

It's very easy to use. All you need to do is to insert the DVD or scan the hard disk. The software will extract all the movie information, like title, director, actor, description, genre, language, subtitles, etc. If not, this information can be imported from an online movie database, such as, with just one click or manual input.

All My Movies supports users to easily export their thousands of favorite movie information in various formats, such as HTML, Excel, or plain text files. Its password protection option allows users to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, it has a simple loan management function. Another advantage is that the program supports third-party plug-ins, including databases, which can be imported from other mainstream movie cataloging applications.
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