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総合評価: 気に入った (/5)
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  • Good performance in verus scanning and malware removing
  • Good Phishing protection and malware blocking
  • Provide Secure browser for online financial activities
  • Good Social Network protection
  • Good Privacy Protection
  • Support Game mode
  • Provide various interface mode
  • Language not support Klingon, if you really need it
  • A little bit slow down PC when running a full scanning sometimes
  • Exclusions settings is quite complicated for the common users
  • Tech and customer support need to be improved; clueless support sometimes


コメント (7)
  • Because there are many unfriendly software and viruses, I have to choose one program to protect my computer from their attacks. Therefore, the program must be powerful enough to help me. In the market, there are various kinds of antivirus software, such as Norton and McAfee. These programs can work well to prohibit the attacks. However, Bitdefender can deal with the malware and virus more effectively. It can scan the hard drives and back up disks. By doing so, Bitdefender can prevent the damages of the virus and malicious software. With the help of the nice features of the program, my computer runs fast without any errors. This product is more efficient than other similar ones. I would like to introduce it to all my friends and colleagues. It can save the life of your computer and keep off attacks.


  • I bought this software for my notebook and the PC which has been used for 5 years. I have little computer knowledge and I then called the customer service for help. They helped me to install it without any trouble. The features of it are same as what have been shown in its ads. I will buy it for my parents’ computer as well.


  • This product was bought second to another anti-virus product. This BitDefender, works much better, although I had some difficulty with its install to my laptop computer. Why...I don't know since I was eligble to put this on 3 separate computers. As far as its operating and doing what it purports it will do...so far I am pleased with its performance.


  • I previously had the Norton anti virus software. I have heard pretty good things about Bitdefender so I thought I would give it a try this time around. So far, I have noticed my computer bogs down much less and I like the fact that the Bitdefender does a computer scan every single day at 2am. I also like that you can use this one for up to 3 computers.
    This software-scans all web,email and IM traffic, in real time. It blocks concealed programs that track your activites
    Stops phishing and auto adjusts to keep you secure in any location prevents unauthorized access to your wifi blocks eavesdropping on yahoo and msn messengar Lapop mode prolongs battery life Gamer mode reduces system load and postpones scans removes unnecessary files and registry enteries that slow pcs manage network security from a single location
    Is Windows 7 and netbook compatible minimal system requirements are Windows XP SP2, Vista,Windows7 800 mhz or higher processor Ram 512mb(windows xp) 1GB(Vista and windows 7) 450 mb available hard disk space Internet Explorer 6.
    Overall, this is a good value and I am pleased with it.


  • I would rate this slightly below Norton 2010, but it runs well, and is very reasonably priced, so it is a good alternative for those on a budget


  • Bitdefender is easy to install and use, and it does not noticeably slow system resources. It works well with Windows Vista. I have had a much better user experience with it than with Norton, Symantec, or McAfee.


  • I used BitDefender Antivirus 2010 on my Windows Vista 64-Bit OS and then put it on my Windows 7 64-Bit OS after I performed a clean install. It works great on both! I have had no troubles at all, and it has been very pleasant to use!
    Installing is fairly painless. Answer a few questions, and then it goes to work. The installer grabbed a new updated version from the internet to ensure I had the newest version. Updates happen often. Apparently, the program likes to check every hour, and the online system gets updated that often. So, if something new comes out, you get updated within an hour or so. Very pro-active!
    The only annoyance I have come across is that it can be a little aggressive with checking for Windows Updates. Quite often it claims there are security issues, but it is merely a Windows Update that just came up. More of a Windows 7 Defender Update thing though. (I left it on even though it can be disabled with BitDefender in use.)
    I always worry about installing large security programs as they tend to cause conflicts and annoyances. However, I have been very happy with BitDefender's Antivirus 2010. Scanning does not take incredibly long like some other programs do, and does not hog the system resources. Virus scans are actually quite fast! I can continue to work normally while a scan is performed with no troubles. Scans can be easily scheduled. Frankly, this antivirus has all of the options I could want, and works really well.
    Also, it has blocked any virus that has tried to get onto my system! Is there anything more you can ask for? I would recommend BitDefender Antivirus 2010 for anyone who wants some no-hassle protection for their PC!



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