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    更新しました 12.05.2021 By Dana
    DEVONthink has powerful information organization and management functions. And both professionals and home Mac users can find their methods to manage personal information, including pdf documents, pictures, short videos, web page archiving, clipboard text, web page links, and even MP3 song albums.

    It is effortless to use DEVONthink to organize file resources efficiently

    * Use the inbox to store the "object," which is the most frequently used for beginners;
    * Then put it into the corresponding database according to its file type;
    * When adding objects, you can label or tag the items, then put them into the related groups.

    DEVONthink Main functions

    The Sync function of Devonthink is an important reason for me to choose it. We can synchronize and call data between MAC, IOS, and web platforms.

    Inbox & Clipping
    * After installing the DEVONthink browser plug-in, you can input the relevant text data (body), label, tags when collecting information.
    * In the Finder folder, select "add to DEVONthink" in the right-click menu of the file to trigger the Clip window, but there is a faster way to directly drag the image into the dock icon or menubar icon of DEVONthink to activate the Clip window.
    * In, DEVONthink add-on is also available. After selecting an email, select "mail - add to DEVONthink" in the menubar to store the mail into DEVONthink.
    * In the Finder collection list, you can find that there is also a DEVONthink's add-on; throw the files into Devonthink.

    You can create an unlimited number of the database in DEVONthink. It allows the spotlight of MacOS to retrieve, set maximum capacity, set access password, and provide three actions for database, repair, optimize, and rebuild when you create a database.

    Group & Smart Group
    You can put the file into different groups according to the requirements. Smart group is to automatically judge the file into the group according to the condition settings.

    Tags & Label
    Tags and labels are the most straightforward way to organize and manage files. The defaults are To do, Done, Important, and Private. You can change these labels. However, if it still can't help you filter messy files, you can also use the tag to filter. All tags are displayed in global. Devonthink supports to convert Hashtag, geo, keyword, and file attributes to tags.

    OCR & Imprinter
    ABBYY FineReader provides OCR function. You can convert documents with text information into PDF documents that can be copied and searched.

    Imprinter is the watermark. You can define the text content, text size, font set, color, and so on. You can even add a border. The most important thing is that you can select the watermark location, adjust the watermark size, and which pages the watermark appears.

    Script is a more exciting function in DEVONthink. The software provides dozens of scripts, such as:
    * Flip the file thumbnail 360 degrees
    * Batch add/delete multiple tags
    * Batch Rename files
    * Count the number of words in the document
    * Download the pictures in the document with one click
    * Import bookmark resources from Pinboard and Instapaper
    * Import iCloud Drive directory resources
    * Import the document/group to Things, OmniFocus, Hit List as a to-do task
    * ...

    In general, DEVONthink 3 is not only for professionals but also for putting this product on the screen of more Mac home users to manage their work, study, and life information efficiently.
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    • I have used various apps to help me to collect notes, clippings, pictures, files and so on. However, this DEVONthink Program is the most amazing one. It has many wonderful features.
      The features of it are complicated. I have to take a comparatively long time to learn to use it skillfully, but the fantastic features make me love it deeply.

    • With this powerful program, I can gather the materials together and organize them as I like. For example, it is a great value for the research of a book. This software can be used without any difficulty. With the developers’ nice work, the program is getting easier and easier to master.
      Although it is a little hard to learn, I believe it can make life much happier and easier. It is just like mastering a language, as long as you can use this program expertly, it will become a great helper for you.

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