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  • This software is worth buying and it is quite trustworthy. I am a loyal customer of this brand. I have used the products of this brand for 2 years. This tool has powerful features and is very useful to my work. It can work well and quickly. At present, I use the Data Backup every day to ensure the safety of important data.
  • Before I bought this tool, there was always something wrong with the HD, and sometimes the important data was lost accidently. Luckily, this software can identify the errors in the hard disk in time and prevent the bad results. The price value of this program is very good. I love the excellent support team and service deeply. At present, I would use this software every time I run my PC. Superb tool!!
  • Last week, I tried to enlarge my hard disk, but I failed. I asked an online service member for assistance. She taught me the steps to solve my problem. I used the Drive Genius 3 Repartition to finish the process completely. Very helpful!
  • I have used the defrag feature to help me optimize my computer system. This feature is really amazing, but after that, a small problem appeared. Some logs showed up every time I rebooted my computer. I had to ask the service team for help. They replied me with very pleasing answer quickly. They told me to choose the safe mode of the computer to restart the PC. This method solved my problem perfectly. I love this gorgeous program. How wonderful it is to own this software!!This software and the service team members are both trustworthy. Best product and support!!
  • This tool is very satisfying. It is the best tool I have ever used. I have used this software for 2 years. I appreciate the service team of this program very much. They can always solve my problems in time and effectively. Yesterday, I could not uninstall the target drive. I turned to the service desk for help, and they told me there was an update, so the issue did not matter at all. They helped me to solve the problem properly. It has assisted me to maintain the drive regularly. It helps me a lot. My Macs can work well without any errors. Good product!!
  • I have never been troubled by this wonderful software. I have been using this tool for 2 years. The service desk is also very satisfying. Whenever I have got an issue, the service team will reply fast and well. They assisted me to pick up an issue with the MacBook Air's SSD last week. I’m happy with the fabulous and nice service.
  • It is not hard for me to operate this software. It can offer me great results and various helpful tools. I can rely on the features of this software without any worries. It has helped me clean my hard disk. With the help of this tool, the OSX system now can run fast and perfectly. Worth buying this software!!
  • I can depend on the service team of this software without any doubt. I bought this program 7 months ago. It is very effective and superb. It can assist me to maintain my Mac well. I would like to recommend this tool to all my friends.
  • Techtool Pro and Diskwarrior can not satisfy my needs, while this program is exactly what I need. It is really a superb tool for me. I also appreciate the excellent service team very much. I am looking forward to the next version of this software, hope it will be more helpful with greater features.
  • I love the active and effective support of this program deeply. Last month, I had some issues with my drive genius 3. Luckily, they helped me solve the problems quickly. The support was really helpful and efficient. Many thanks to the service team members of the company!!
  • I have been using this tool for many times. It is really useful. It has the fantastic repair and defrag features, but it is not suitable for the SSDs. I am fond of it. I have introduced this tool to all my colleagues
  • The program is very useful to recover the disk and keep my computer system clean. It has saved my computer for 5 times. Quick and excellent!! What a nice program it is!! My brother also bought this tool according to my recommendation.
  • This product is very good. I installed this tool on my laptop, and it notified me to make a backup of a problem hard drive. There are many useless files in my disk, and the files make my computer run slowly. I accepted the suggestion of this software, and I did not have to worry about the safety of the hard disk anymore. This tool is really helpful to me. Yesterday, I had no idea how to set up one drive alert. My friend suggested me to contact the service team. The support team was friendly and effective. They offered some advice and I operated as what they told me. Finally, the setup worked, and I was very excited to get rid of the trouble. Good product with high quality!!
  • I like this tool very much. It is better than all the similar software in the market. It has enabled my Mac to work much more wonderfully than ever before. It only occupies a little space, and it has helped me get more available space on my hard disk. It is really a good program.
  • It is very convenient to turn to the support of this software for help. In order to use the defrag feature on my Macbook pro, osx 10.9.2, I tried to make a bootable DVD for this software, but I met an issue at that time. Luckily, the support team replied to my email within the same day. I successfully got rid of trouble according to their instructions. Thanks for the satisfying service very much!!
  • I purchased this program 6 months ago. Last month, I intended to install this tool on the Apple of my wife. However, it was very hard for me to do so. Fortunately, the customer support offered me great help. At last, I got the work well done. I wanted to deliver my sincere thanks to this software. I hope this program can continue to work well in the future.
  • This program has accompanied me for 2 years. It is really necessary for me to use this tool to maintain my Mac. I also like the support team, they have helped me a lot. Many problems have been solved. What a wonderful experience to enjoy the nice support!! I love this tool indeed!!
  • This tool is really attractive to me. The features of this software are more fabulous than other similar programs. This brand is my favorite. It has given me lots of help. It can also run on the new Mavericks OS. What an amazing program!! Superb!!

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