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Nowadays, smartphones are quite common. Even children in kindergartens know how to play with mobile phones and tablets. But do parents feel at ease that children are using these devices to surf the Internet and read some Internet information? Don't you worry about how children make friends on the Internet? What kind of photos and movies have they seen, or have they talked to someone on the phone, who they have been to and where they have been?

Kidguard Pro is a security monitoring software for parents. You don't need to jailbreak the iPhone or root Android device. You can use the web browser to monitor children's use of iPhone and Android at any time. Kidguard can also track children's location and where they have been and even view the photos, videos, calendars, memos, messages, communication, and so on stored in the device. All the contents can be viewed remotely in real-time.

What information can you get from Kidguard Pro remotely?
    •Phone call records
    •Content of SMS
    •Current location of mobile phone (very accurate)
    •browsered webpage
    •Viewd photos
    •Watched videos
    •Screen shot of mobile phone (see the current mobile screen)
    •Message records of communication apps include KIK, Viber, Line, WeChat, etc.

If you want to use Kidguard Pro, you need several permissions to use it properly.
    Need iCloud account and password
    If you want to monitor your children, you must obtain the Apple ID and password.

    Turn on two-factor authentication for Apple ID
    After iOS 11, the iOS system will automatically turn on two-factor authentication. After obtaining the Apple ID and password, you need to pass the two-factor authentication to enter normally. You need to do it once, and the subsequent shutdown and restart of the Kidguard will not need to be authenticated again. The fastest way is to create the "app password" directly to avoid authentication when you want to change the device.

    Need to create a Kidguard account
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カスタマー Q&A

  • 🔔 I have an iPhone, we bought my son an Android for his birthday. Can I still install the app and monitor him from my phone?
  • Thank you for reaching out. Yes, if the target has an Android phone, you can install KidsGuard Pro for Android on it and use your iPhone to secretly monitor its online activities. If you have any further questions, please let me know.
  • 🔔 if I have an Android phone and my child has an iOS, can I still monitor his phone or do both phones have to be the same?
  • Thank you for reaching out. KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a computer-based program to monitor iOS devices. You need to install the app onto the target computer and connect the target device with the computer to scan the backup file of the target device.
    However, Monitoring an iPhone or iPad in this way cannot update data in real-time. The timeliness of data updating depends on whether the target phone has new backup files generated. If so, the KidsGuard Pro for iOS app will present all the updated data.
    Also, if your target device is ios 13 or above system, we are afraid that there is some compatible problem with the program as a result of blank Safari History and Call Logs.
    KidsGuard Pro for iOS supports to monitor Messages, Call Logs, Contacts, Photos, Videos, App Photos, App Videos, Notes, Voice Memos, Safari History, Safari Bookmarks, Reminders, Calendar and social media apps including : Whatsapp, Wechat, LINE, Viber, Kik and QQ.

    For KidsGuard Pro iCloud, you do not need to have access to the target device. Just need to know the iCloud account and password of the target device. If two-factor authentication is on, you’ll need to get a six-digit verification code from the target device.
    KidsGuard Pro iCloud supports to monitor Contacts, Photos, Videos, Locations, Calendar, Reminders, Notes.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.
  • 🔔 Gibt es die Installationsanweisung auch auf Deutsch?
    Wie kann bezahlt werden? Das Zielobjekt und ich haben ein gemeinsames Konto. Kann ein Freund für mich per Überweisung zahlen? Braucht der Freund eine Kreditkarte?
  • Thank you for your question. Kindly note that our product doesn't have German instruction now.
    And we accept many kinds of secure online payment as below:
    1. Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, UnionPay.
    2. PayPal
  • 🔔 does this app works on unrooted android phone?I bought 2 spy app ,but the social media doesn't work.so I wanted to make sure that it will work on uprooted android phone for social media.
  • Thanks for your question. KidsGuard Pro is available for: unrooted Android 4.0 - Android 10.

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