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At a particular moment, I want to have a video chat on Skype and also want to have a video chat in Zoom. Do I need to use two cameras? There is no need at all. With ManyCam, this kind of trouble can be solved quickly.

ManyCam allows you to use your camera by multiple video conferencing apps simultaneously, such as simultaneously broadcasting your videos on Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, BlueJeans, Chime, and Slack. ManyCam is simple to use but powerful in functions. With the ManyCam, you don't have to worry about the lack of cameras anymore. ManyCam can let you have video calls with more people at the same time.

ManyCam Features:
-ManyCam support up to 24 video sources at the same time.
-You can "pick" you out of the background and add it to the dynamic background. You can change your background with images, no need for a green screen.
-Support Skype, WebEx and Facebook Chats, and many other video chat software.
-Support Facebook & YouTube live broadcast
-Webcam can add 3D masks, effect, text, time, and date to the video content.
-Picture-in-Picture Feature
-ManyCam official website provides various resources to download.
-Live video tools enable you with professional streams, video conferences, game streaming, and online classes.
-Support mobile live streaming on iPhone and Android devices
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カスタマー Q&A

  • 🔔 How do I blur the background on video conferencing with ManyCam?
  • You can enable the Virtual Background feature in the Chroma Key tab, and there are options of Blur, Replace and Chroma Key. For more detailed guide, please refer to How to use Virtual Backgrounds.
  • 🔔 Does ManyCam work with Omegle?
  • Yes, but to choose ManyCam as a video or audio source in Omegle is not in a standard way. Please refer to ManyCam for Omegle for the detailed guide.
  • 🔔 Can ManyCam be used with Zoom?
  • Yes, with Zoom and ManyCam together, virtual meetups could be much easier and productive. For more information, please refer to How to use ManyCam with Zoom.
  • 🔔 What payment options ManyCam support?
  • ManyCam supports PayPal, Wire Transfer, UnionPay and Skrill Wallet.
  • 🔔 Does ManyCam support 32 bit/64 bit?
  • Yes, ManyCam supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • 🔔 Does ManyCam have a mobile app?
  • Yes, with the ManyCam mobile app, you can use your mobile phone as a video source. The mobile app is free on iOS and Android devices, and it’s fully accessible for all types of ManyCam licenses. Also, ManyCam mobile app supports connecting with the computer. For more info, please refer to ManyCam Mobile.
  • 🔔 Is it free to update ManyCam old version to the latest version?
  • No, but ManyCam offers special prices for upgrading to the latest version if you already have a ManyCam license. Please refer to the License Upgrade Page for the detailed prices.
  • 🔔 How do I get ManyCam for free?
  • ManyCam has a free trial version with no time-limit, but the video has to include a watermark on it and some advanced features are permitted for purchased versions only.
  • 🔔 What should I do if the ManyCam discount coupon doesn't work?
  • If the ManyCam discount coupon doesn't work, please try to clear your cookies, then restart your browser or try another web browser (You may refer to ColorMango Coupon Using Guide. ) If the discount codes still doesn’t work, please Contact ColorMango, we will offer you a $10 off sitewide coupon when we have confirmed the invalidity of the coupon code.
  • 🔔 Can I use one ManyCam registration code on both Windows and Mac computers?
  • Yes, if your ManyCam license supports more than 2 devices/users. ManyCam is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • 🔔 How long to receive my ManyCam order refund?
  • Reimbursement will occur within eight business hours once your refund is approved. The refund will be back to your bank account after the refund is processed, up to the issuing bank. Please refer to ManyCam Help Center for additional info.
  • 🔔 What is the ManyCam refund policy?
  • Refunds are acceptable within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please refer to ManyCam Sales Policy for more information.
  • 🔔 What is new in ManyCam?
  • ManyCam current version 7.4.1 enhanced Chroma key auto-setup mode quality, fixed Virtual Backgrounds crash problem, and added support for NDI output.
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