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更新しました 29.04.2021 By Lensey
By now, there are so many disk defragmentation software to choose, like Diskeeper, Perfect Disk, Vopt, UltimateDefrag, and Defragmenter Pro etc. Every defragmentation program has its own feature, and during their unique selling proposition, the most mentioned is the fast speed of defragmentation. So today ColorMango recommend O&O Defrag, it’s not the fastest, the ColorMango team had a test and found that O&O Defrag performed a great defragment effect. O&O Defrag is designed for Windows. It is applied to various versions of workstations, servers and advanced servers, supports almost all the file systems, incls FAT16、FAT32、NTFS、NTFS5、EFS (Encrypted File System) etc. It can also automatically reconfigure the hard disk at a set time, and supports Chinese long file names, and has not many requirements on the hardware.
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  • I’ve just used the server edition. The only thing I would say is it is an amazing product I have never seen before.

  • It has an attractive and intuitive UI. I have been using it for a long time and it works incredibly fast.

  • This software provides more defrag information than Windows defragmentation tool does. I feel this one is better than Windows’.

  • I used iObit Smart Defrag before, its’ defrag speed is faster than windows defragmenter and no other highlights. And now I use O&O Defrag, because it let my windows 7 computer become alive again.

  • This wonderful software works effectively and perfectly. I think you can hardly find out fault with it.

  • I’m a loyal fan of O&O. I have used it from the version 3 and it works very well. In addition to the ability of adjusting the way it defrags, I also like the feature that allows me to see the drive in 3 pixel blocks, as well as clicking on them. I could figure out which files are on the most broken areas.

    This might be too complicated for average computer users because of its flexibility. But the default settings are ideal for anyone. Very useful and competent and quick.

  • I have used Diskeeper and Perfectdisk before. These two programs are not bad but can’t really work in the background. They still disturb my operation. What’s more, the UI is not intuitive enough. O&O is the most suitable for me!

  • So far the program is the best defrag application I have ever seen on the market. It’s very functional and fast. And the defragging function is perfect!

  • There is no doubt that it works very well. It always makes the disk write in order. As a result, there is no need to defrag files separately. Right, do defrag is simple.

  • The most wonderful Defrag software I have used. The family/small business site license is great. It does its job perfectly in the background. It has many great features, the best one is moving system and needed programs to the fastest drive. Therefore, just install a SSD. Look! All important data is moved.

  • Nice defrag software has an intuitive user interface. Better than Windows’ native defragmenter.

  • O&O Defrag is such a nice tool that provides extremely fast defragmentation and is easy to use. I like it very much.

  • I have to say O&O Defrag is excellent!!! On one hand, it works very fast on files defragmentation. On the other hand, it improves the speed of hard disk.

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