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Tenorshare 4uKey iTunes Backup is an easy-to-use and practical tool for unlocking the iTunes backup, which allows you to unlock the iTunes backup without knowing the password. You can also remove the screen time passcode. Tenorshare 4uKey - iTunes Backup enables you to unlock the iTunes backup when you forget your password. When you connect your iPhone with the data cable, Tenorshare 4uKey iTunes Backup will automatically identify your device and is compatible with the latest iOS version and iPhone/iPad model.


コメント (13)

  • I updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.0.2, everything goes well but I lost my contacts. Luckily I have backed up my iPhone files to iTunes before. Therefore, I was able to restore the backup data from iTunes to my iPhone 5s. But there was one trouble - I was required to enter the password to get access to the backup since it was password protected. OMG!!! I did not remember the password!! So I googled and tried to find a solution. That is why I downloaded this iPhone backup unlocker. It really gave me a big help on finding the password. I got the right password just a few minutes later. Great!!!

  • What a wonderful product!! It helped me find the password so that I could restore the lost contacts from my password-protected backup. Good program, good price. Everything is perfect.

  • Perfect!! I got the iTunes 12Beta installed on my computer and backed up all the data with a password to protect my privacy. But when I needed to restore the backup to iPhone, I should forgot the password!!! Oh, my…!! Thankfully, iPhone backup unlocker helped me find the password and I finally restored my data. Thanks a lot!

  • Great deal! Thanks for the offer.

  • This is really a great help. I have encrypted my backup to prevent others from accessing my personal files. To avoid forgetting the password I have taken it down on a note. But…the trouble is I lost my note and I can’t remember the password… that is why I turned to this iPhone backup unlocker. It helped me get the password back and I can restore my backup files now.

  • I will share one of my experiences. This is from the iOS update. After the update all my data is missed. I have backed up my iPhone before the update but I have another problem which made me almost crazy - a password is required to get access to the backup.
    iPhone backup unlocker helped me find the iTunes backup password so that I can restore the backup to my iPhone. Really a great product. Thank you for saving me from the trouble.

  • I had the same experience with one of my friends. After I performed iOS 8 update on my iPhone, I needed to restore the data again but iTunes required a password for restoring data. He solved the problem with the help from iPhone backup unlocker and suggested me to use it as well. Amazingly! It worked for me too.

  • I have backed up my iPhone files to iTunes, but unfortunately when I tried to snyc it, I totally forgot the password to decrypt the password-protected backup file. So after I reset my iPhone, I could not restore the backup files, it drove me crazy.
    I spent about 1 hour loading the program and retrieving the password. It might be hard to crack password, that’s why it took so long time for the process. So nothing to complain. Thanks a lot and hope it can do better in the future!

  • I have no idea why my backup was locked by iTunes. I now want to restore the backup to iPhone, however, it told me the backup file is encrypted. Can’t believe it!! Thanks to iPhone backup unlocker. It helped me solve the problem.

  • I transferred my iPod touch 2 files to iTunes for backup and set a password for the backup file. But I could not remember the password just a few mins after I set it up. Finally, with the help of iPhone Backup Unlocker I found the password. Well done!

  • This iPhone backup unlocker is very necessary for me since I usually forgot password for my backup files. Those backup files contain very important data. Therefore I downloaded the program and get it registered right away. After the registration, everything works well to get back the password. About 20 minutes later it helped me get the password back. The price is reasonable. Worth buying.

  • I could not remember my iPhone backup password, so I am not able to restore the backup form iTunes. I tried this iPhone backup password unlocker and I managed to get the password back.
    But what I want to say is that it promised me to save the backup to the backup directory automatically, it didn’t however. I look though other pages and knew the backup location in the end.
    FYI, the iTunes backup location is “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Apple\Computer\MobileSync\Backup\” on my Windows 7 computer.

  • Last week, I tried to update my iPhone 5 to iOS 7.1. but one problem happened while updating. All my data in the phone was lost. Thank god I have backed up my iPhone before update. But I encountered another problem. I need a password to restore the backup. I really have not set up a password for backup. How should I know what the password is? Finally I get the password with iPhone backup unlocker. I don’t know this password at all.

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